CD/ LP/ Digital
Various Artists
”Big Deal!" (Sono-96)
Weinberger Funk Library UK 1970s
September 16, 2016
CD/ LP/ Digital
Hans Koller & Friends
”Big Sound Koller” (Sono-97)
Live in Hamburg 1961
October 21, 2016
CD/ LP/ Digital
Friedrich Gulda Orchestra
”Jazz At Auditorium” (Sono-98)
Unearthed Modern Jazz 1962
December 09, 2016

Hans Koller And Friends
HANS KOLLER & FRIENDS - Big Sound Koller
CD & LP: Sonorama C-97/ L-97
Unique material by one of the most important European postwar jazz musicians being released here for the first time. Tenor saxophonist Hans Koller and his “Big Sound” recorded live in Hamburg 1961. In addition to his classic quartet, Koller invited six brass players to the set, making arrangements sound more colorful and rich. Great modern jazz featuring Ack Van Rooyen, Rudi Flierl, Klaus Mitschele and Rolf Schneebiegl, with Karlhanns Berger on the piano chair. “Big Sound Koller was a real sensation, exhibiting honesty, straightforwardness and musical imagination” (Jazz Podium magazine) ...more...
VARIOUS ARTISTS – Big Deal ! Weinberger Funk Library 1975-79
CD & LP: Sonorama C-96/ L-96
Killer funk compilation full of highlights from the music archives of Josef Weinberger Ltd. in London, pulled from the most famous library albums on labels like JW (Josef Weinberger/ Theme Music), IA (Impress) or PM (Programme Music). First selection of 16 lost tracks by Toni Campo, Midas Touch, Trevor Bastow, Sidney Dale or Vick Flick, oscillating between jazz-funk, soul music, proto techno and eastern-tinged disco, with open drum breaks, fat bass lines and plenty of horns/ wah wah/ organs/ vibes/ flutes/ electronic effects. Recorded from the master tapes for 6-Page-Digipack-CD and limited vinyl LP ...more...
LUCKY THOMPSON - Bop & Ballads
CD & LP: Sonorama C-95/ L-95
Newly discovered sessions released here for the first time: Ten recordings by one of the greatest saxophonists of his generation, American jazz master Lucky “Eli” Thompson with the Michael Naura Trio, Quintet and guests in Hamburg 1959 and 1960. Small and larger group improvisations with the melodic sound of Lucky on tenor and soprano sax, featuring Heinz von Moisy, Hajo Lange, Jimmy Gourley, Wolfgang Schlüter and Hans Koller. From hard bop to soft ballads, all light, fluffy, intimately personal and with a lyrical bebop approach. “Lucky was a hell of a saxophone player” (Miles Davis)...more...
LARS GULLIN - The Liquid Moves Of Lars Gullin
CD & LP: Sonorama C-94/ L-94
“I was very impressed by Lars. He had a very melodic and liquid way of moving through the changes” (Chet Baker). Previously unknown modern jazz tracks by the legendary Swedish baritone saxophonist, recorded 1959-63 in Europe, featuring icons like Sahib Shihab, Dexter Gordon, Flavio Ambrosetti, Rolf Billberg, Nils Lindberg and others. Carefully mastered recordings from collectors` archives, ranging from quintet to octet, with new liner notes and unseen photos. CD and digital album come with three bonus tracks from Denmark: lost vocal jazz from 1960 with Lars Gullin and Erik Moseholm ...more...
THE RED BAHNIK TRIO - Goes To Santander
CD & LP: Sonorama C-93/ L-93
Soulful piano trio! First re-issue of a lost album, originally released in 1963 on a private label from Zurich with only a handful of copies known to exist. Recordings of unknown jazz pianist Red Bahnik, with John Treichler on bass and a young Mani Neumeier on drums, including unique versions of Les Mc Cann`s “Vacushna” or “Fish This Week”, Horace Silver`s “Sister Sadie” and great original material like the oriental-tinged “Fata Morgana Altamira” or the Latin tune “Santander”. Carefully remastered in 2015 for vinyl LP and CD-Digipack, comes with original artwork and liner notes ...more...
CD & LP: Sonorama C-92/ L-92
The great bassist Oscar Pettiford live in Hamburg 1958, second chapter. Fine mélange of modern mainstream, cool jazz and hard bop, with Jimmy Pratt (dr), Hans Koller (ts), Dusko Goykovich (tp), Michel Hausser (vib), Attila Zoller (g), Roger Guerin (tp) and Armin Rusch (p), Comes as carefully mastered longplay-CD and 2-LP vinyl set (gatefold), including photos of the event by Susanne Schapowalow and new liner notes by Arne Reimer, with Goykovich and Hausser sharing their memories of the time. Certainly Pettiford`s best recorded live performance on the European scene in excellent sound quality!...more...
CD & LP: Sonorama C-80/ L-80
Lost jazz files: Recently discovered treasures from the world renowned „German ambassador of jazz“, trombonist Albert Mangelsdorff from Frankfurt/ Main. Unique modern jazz and hard bop recorded in the late 1950s and early 60s featuring Joki Freund, Hans Koller, Peter Trunk, Heinz Sauer, Günter Lenz and many more big names from the German scene. Collection of nine unknown tunes, sadly forgotten or previously unreleased, including „Improvisation zu einem Klang“, „Tower Blues“, „Jo-Jo Blues“ or „Joe und Joe“. New sleeve notes, careful audio restoration and mastering for CD and LP...more...
BREW MOORE - Live In Europe 1961
CD & LP: Sonorama C-91/ L-91
The music presented on this album for the first time was recorded in the year when West Coast tenorist Brew Moore immigrated to Europe. He arrived in Paris and played with renowned drummer Kenny Clarke at “The Blue Note”, later at “Nalen” in Stockholm and for Danish TV with Scandinavian cats Lars Bagge, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen or Alex Riel. “Live In Europe 1961” features seven tremendous quartet performances from Scandinavia and France, neatly mastered, plus unseen archive photos from Denmark and new liner notes by Arne Reimer, author of “American Jazz Heroes”  ...more...
CD & LP: Sonorama C-90/ L-90
Newly unearthed live recordings of jazz bass and cello legend Oscar Pettiford and his quartet from Hamburg in 1958, featuring the great Kenny Clarke (dr), Hans Koller (ts), Attila Zoller (g) & guests in front of an excited audience. Eight tracks full of bluesy modern jazz, with a gloomy version of Friedrich Gulda`s “Dark Glow” or the cheerful “Gertberg Walk”, written by Pettiford especially for the occasion. Excellent sound quality, carefully mastered in 2015, comes with new liner notes and unseen concert photos from the same evening. Oscar at his best, passing the message of jazz as it was received!  ...more...
GREETJE KAUFFELD – Young Girl Sunday Jazz
CD & LP: Sonorama C-89/ L-89
New compilation showcasing some great early works by the outstanding Dutch jazz singer, featuring 16 lost songs from the 1960s - short, soulful and to the point. Contains incredibly tight versions of „Fever“, „Love For Sale“, „Handful Of Soul“ or „Almost Like Being In Love“, with the deep tenderness of Greetje Kauffeld and renowned jazz masters such as Rolf Kühn, Tony Vos, Ingfried Hoffmann, Cees Slinger, Wolfgang Schlüter and Jan Huydts. Carefully remastered in 2015 for Vinyl-LP and 6-Panel-Digipack-CD, including many previously unknown finds from the artists` private collection  ...more...
LP: Sonorama L-88
Sought after jazz and funk from the sound library of Edizioni Musicali Devega/ Milano: “Vinyl only” reissue of all important tracks from Angel Pocho Gatti`s promotional album “Turbomusic” produced in 1981, plus other lost funk treasures from his 70s Devega repertoire. Eleven nuggets of Italian library music between big band funk and Bossa rhythm, with whirling horns, wild flutes and buzzy synth lines - inspired and occasionally framed by sounds of Formula 1. First collection of lost recordings by the outstanding Argentinian composer, arranger and pianist, carefully remastered in 2015  ...more...
Four Brothers
CD & 2LP: Sonorama C-87/ L-87
Previously unreleased studio concert from Hamburg in 1960, featuring four jazz saxophone legends: Lucky Thompson (ss/ ts), Barney Wilen (ss/ ts), Helmut Brandt (bars) and Bent Jaedig (ts), recorded with the quartet of Dr. Roland Kovac (p) in a unique workshop. Excellent blend of Modern, Bebop, Cool and Progressive: Eighty minutes of full ensemble pieces in a sound made famous by Giuffre`s “Four Brothers”, plus musical essays in small groups. Superb session produced by Hans Gertberg, mastered in 2015, including vintage cover artwork by designer Guenther Kieser  ...more...
SUSANNAH MCCORKLE – Adeus / The Berlin Concert
CD: Sonorama C-86
Exceptional musical legacy of one of America`s greatest yet misunderstood songbirds: jazz singer Susannah McCorkle (1946 - 2001) and quartet live in Berlin 1996, recorded at the pinnacle of her career in front of an enthusiastic audience. “Susannah McCorkle is in the forefront!” (Tony Bennett, 1986). Finest songs from her repertoire, mastered from lost tapes recently discovered in the archives of S. Schmidt-Joos, with K. Rautenberg (p & arr), W. Gauchel (ts), D. King (b) and N. Irving (dr) - 6-Panel-Digipack CD, new sleeve notes and unknown photos - her first live release!  ...more...
THE REMO RAU QUARTET – At The Cafe Africana
LP: Sonorama L-84
Impossible to find hard bop LP! From the collection of Elsie Bianchi comes this exciting Swiss jazz album, originally released 1961 in a micro run of approx. 150 copies on a private label. Composer, arranger and vibraphone player Remo Rau (1925-1987) recorded directly “on the spot” with R. Anselmi (p), R. Pierre (b) and A. Bally (d) at the legendary “Cafe Africana” in Zurich. Exclusive 1:1 vinyl reissue - the first and only recorded trace of Rau`s fascinating modern jazz activities, original material and pieces by Mobley, Porter and Kern, with original cover design and sleeve notes  ...more...
ROLF KÜHN – Stop Time !
CD & LP: Sonorama C-85/ L-85
First release of a previously unknown album from the personal archives of “clarinet bird” Rolf Kühn, recorded 1962 in Hamburg. Outstanding modern jazz and hard bop session featuring Klaus Doldinger (ts), Ingfried Hoffmann (org/ p), Cees See (d) and Herman Schoonderwalt (b), with plenty of tunes made famous by Horace Silver, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis or Thelonious Monk - all arranged by Kühn. CD and LP commemorating the 85th birthday of Rolf Kühn, carefully mastered in 2014, with unknown photos and new sleeve notes written by Kühn`s biographer Maxi Sickert  ...more...
PIERRE_CAVALLI Uma_Vitamina_Faz_Favor
PIERRE CAVALLI – Uma Vitamina Faz Favor
CD & LP: Sonorama C-83/ L-83
Brazilian-tinged jazz and funk from Switzerland/ Italy 1972-75, recorded by European guitar legend Pierre Cavalli with the ensembles of music masters Angel Pocho Gatti and Bruno Spoerri - all original material, previously unreleased. Library- and Soundtrack-like album full of bossa breakbeat tunes, scat funk, jazz fusion and trippy interludes - with acoustic or spacey electric guitars, latin flutes, vibes, fender rhodes plus occasional vocals. 14 lost tracks from the archives of Bruno Spoerri and Nanda Cavalli, remastered in 2014 for 6-page-digipack-CD and limited vinyl LP  ...more...
CD & LP: Sonorama C-82/ L-82
Europe`s Best Jazz Singer in concert 1958-1962: Ten unreleased concert recordings and two live recording sessions of Inge Brandenburg (1929-1999). The singer live in Berlin and Frankfurt with piano trio, combo or orchestra, featuring Rolf Lüttgens Trio, RIAS Orchestra/ Werner Müller, RIAS combo and Dieter von Goetze trio. Deep vocal jazz including "S`Wonderful", "Lover Come Back To Me", "Secret Love" or "Summertime". Limited vinyl LP and 6-page-digipack CD, carefully restored and remastered in 2014, comes with unreleased archive photos and new sleeve notes  ...more...
LP: Sonorama L-81
Vinyl-LP only. First 1:1 Reissue of a highly sought after modern jazz album, recorded 1961 at the Liederhalle in Stuttgart, originally pressed in a small edition and impossible to find today. German jazz masters Rolf Kühn (cl) , Wolfgang Schlüter (vib) and Horst Jankowski (p) join forces with members of the Erwin Lehn orchestra, Conny Jackel (tp), Bernd Rabe (as), Peter Witte (b) and Ferry Tagscherer (dr). Beautiful recording session full of original material and unique arrangements of standards. Careful analogue mastering plus original cover artwork and sleeve notes  ...more...
HANS KOLLER – Minor Meetings 1958
CD & LP: Sonorama C-79/ L-79/ LP SOLD OUT
From collectors` archives: Rare or previously unreleased 1958 recordings of “The Hans Koller New Jazz Stars” at the peak of their art, restored from radio tapes and original EPs. Lost work by one of Europe`s leading tenor saxophonists from the Golden Age of cool and modern jazz, feat. A. Mangelsdorff (tb), H. Reinhardt (bars), P. Trunk (b), H. Hammerschmid (p), R. Sehring (dr) - with Zoot Sims (ts) guesting on two tunes (“Zoot Meets Hans”) plus Hans Koller playing in the Orchestra of Eddie Sauter. Comes on vinyl LP and 6-Page-Digipack CD with two unheard bonus tracks.  ...more...
TOBY FICHELSCHER – Busting The Bongos
CD & LP: Sonorama C-78/ L-78
Percussive hard bop, Afro-Cuban and modern jazz recordings by Berlin bongo player, singer and beatnik Toby Fichelscher, from 1960 with the quintet of vibraphonist Manfred Burzlaff feat. the young drummer Joe Nay. Discovery of unknown tapes by the enigmatic German jazz singer, percussionist and two-time poll winner. Long-lost music from the films "Tobby", "Shadows" and "Max Knaak" (producer: Hansjürgen Pohland) plus "On Chano's Track" in the powerful style of Chano Pozo. Unique document from the existentialist jazz scene in Berlin before the wall was built  ...more...
CD & LP: Sonorama C-77/ L-77
1977 masterpiece by international jazz band „Third Eye“ featuring Jamaican saxophone legend Wilton Gaynair (1927-1995). Four epic tracks filled with deep grooves, Latin/ African influences and stratospheric abstraction. Terrific mixture of modal, spiritual, bop and fusion, recorded from the master tapes. Mainly contains original material by Gaynair, played by Gerd Dudek (sax/ fl), Ali Haurand (b), Frank Köllges (dr/ perc), Rob van den Broeck (fender/synth) and Steve Boston (congas). First reissue - 6-page-digipack CD and limited vinyl LP - with original cover and new sleeve notes ...more...
ATTILA ZOLLER – Jazz Soundtracks
CD & LP: Sonorama C-76/ L-76
Collection of previously unreleased soundtrack recordings, produced 1962-67 in a Berlin studio. Soulful jazz from the arthouse films of Hansjürgen Pohland - “The Bread of Our Early Years”, “Cat and Mouse”, “Tamara” - improvised directly in front of the screen by Hungarian-born guitarist Attila Zoller (1927-1998) and his musicians. Lost treasure by “one of the 10 most underrated jazz guitarists of all time” (JazzTimes). 6-Page Digipack CD and Vinyl LP, transferred from the master tapes, incl. artworks from Deutsche Kinemathek and new sleeve notes. “Attila is one of my heroes” (Pat Metheny). ...more...
Jazz For Dancing
Vinyl-LP: Sonorama L-74
Exclusive vinyl LP! Amazing jazz vocal album by the Berlin "Old Eden" house band from 1965, including unique versions of standards from the American Songbook, performed at the level of the Clarke-Boland Sextet. Only recording session of the American singer Gloria Steward, accompanied by vibraphonist Manfred Burzlaff and his quartet featuring U.S. pianist Bob Degen, produced at Audio Tonstudio in Berlin. One of the few great and internationally sought after vocal LPs of the early German jazz scene, with original cover artwork, new analog mastering and fresh liner notes. ...more...
CD & LP: Sonorama C-75/ L-75
Ten remastered slices of finest Cool and Modern Jazz from Germany, played by one of the best baritone saxophonists and arrangers  of his generation. Compilation of unreleased tracks from the Helmut Brandt estate, recorded at AFN and SFB studios in Berlin or at the German jazz festival between 1956 and 1958, with original material - “Nordlicht”, “Bami”, “Sum” or “Berlin Calling” - plus great versions of “Yesterdays” or “Love For Sale”. Truly distinctive arrangements with Conny Jackel on trumpet in a beautiful “four brothers” style, played in the spirit of the Miles Davis Capitol Orchestra ...more...
CD & LP: Sonorama C-73/ L-73
Fantastic and rare debut LP of Italian jazz pianist, recorded 1974 at the Fontana Studio in Milan for the small label Dynia World. Trio featuring Mario Rusca (piano), Franco Cerri`s son Stefano Cerri (electric bass) and Gianni Cazzola (drums). First reissue of a fascinating Modern Jazz & Post-Bop album with shimmering sound colours and unique versions of Ron Carter's "First Trip", Monk's "Straight No Chaser" or "Blue In Green" and "Waltz For Debby" by Bill Evans. Newly mastered  for superior sound, comes with original artwork and sleeve notes as a 6-Page Digipack-CD/ limited Vinyl LP  ...more...
CD & 2LP: Sonorama C-72/ L-72
Another world premiere from the estate of French jazzman Barney Wilen. A deep journey into the world of his unknown tapes from psychedelic Africa. 80 minutes of previously unreleased recordings from 1969-70, not to be found on the tenor player`s regular “Moshi” album. Dark and trance-like amalgam of Afro blues, acid rock jams, polyphonic rhythms and spiritual jazz influences from the likes of Coltrane or Sanders, mixed with playbacks and ethnic music from Algeria, Niger, Burkina Faso and Senegal. 6-Page Digipack CD with booklet & 2LP vinyl set in gatefold cover  ...more...
VARIOUS ARTISTS – Now`s The Time Vol. 2
CD & LP: Sonorama C-71/ L-71
Second compilation with rare and exciting modern jazz music of legendary musicians such as Albert and Emil Mangelsdorff,  Joki Freund, Hans Koller, Fritz Hartschuh, Dusko Goykovich and others. Eight previously unknown tracks from rare vinyl records or archives, that reflect "the state of the art” of jazz in Germany between 1957 and 1969. Rediscovery of lost recordings from the early days of the German jazz scene, compiled by Stephan Steigleder and Ekkehart Fleischhammer, newly mastered and with extensive liner notes from eye-witness Siegfried Schmidt-Joos  ...more...
JOY UNLIMITED – Instrumental Impressions
CD & LP: Sonorama C-70/ L-70
Lost classic for the collectors of Italian Library Funk: One of the most sought after cult LPs on the tiny Devega label from Milan, produced in 1972 for license purposes only. The German progressive band “Joy Unlimited” plays a terrific mixture of funk `n`soul , jazz, psych rock and Latin moods, with clever arrangements and perfect grooves. Twelve excellently produced soundtracks for an imaginary film of the counterculture, spiced with killer breaks and electronic effects. First LP & CD release of their famous “unofficial” album, carefully remastered  and with the original cover design  ...more...
CD & LP: Sonorama C-69/ L-69
Rare German disco-funk album from 1975, produced and arranged by Klaus R. Nagel (of “Joy Unlimited" fame) and Fritz Muenzer. Twelve instrumental tracks for the dancefloor in a Phillysound style, destined for the promotion at TV and radio stations. One of the few sophisticated and powerful LP adaptations from the early days of the German disco boom, with original compositions, the string section of the SDR (South German Broadcasting) and catchy solo lines of saxophone, trumpet, flute or analog synthesizers. First remastered reissue with original cover artwork. ...more...
LP: Sonorama L-68/ LP SOLD OUT
Legendary library funk album from Germany, originally produced 1974 in tiny amounts for the small Quadriga label of Heinz Kiessling and never sold to the shops. Outstanding production music for tv, movies or advertising - 12 tracks oscillating between wild instrumental soul and jazz-funk, laid back bossa grooves and occasional female vocals. Best works from behind the scenes by the orchestras of Heinz Kiessling and Peter Jacques, heavily sought after by collectors and DJs. First in a series of limited “vinyl only” reissues of all three Quadriga LPs (Q1, Q2, Q3). ...more...
CD & LP: Sonorama C-67/ L-67 LP SOLD OUT
First reissue of a sadly forgotten European jazz LP with thirteen leading musicians from twelve countries, recorded 1961 at the Kongresshalle in Berlin and produced by Joachim-Ernst Berendt. Stunning modern jazz concert with R. Ross (bs), A. Mangelsdorff (tb), H. Koller (ts), A. Domnerus (as), Sadi (vib), F. Cerri (g), M. Solal (p), T. Montoliu (p), D. Goykovich (tp), M. Falay (tp), E. Amundsen (b), W. Schiöpffe (dr) and even a vocal track sung by M. Zetterlund - compositions by Mingus, Monk, Sadi, M. Solal and F. Boland, original 1:1 cover artwork and liner notes ...more...
CD & LP: Sonorama C-66/ L-66
Sought after jazz funk album recorded 1972 in Germany, arranged and conducted by Serbian maestro Mladen “Bobby” Gutesha with band, orchestra and choir. Towering anti-war statement and a tribute to Martin Luther King, rooted deep in funk and spiritual symphonic music, mixed with Balkanese, Yiddish, German and Spanish sounds. Solo vocals by Jimmy Woode Jr. (!), plus Leo Wright (sax/ fl), Rick Kiefer & Milo Pavlovic (tr), Jiggs Whigham (tb), Siegfried Schwab (g), Ingfried Hoffmann (org), Jean Warland (b), Branislav Kovacev (dr) & Tony Inzalaco (perc) ...more...
CD & LP: Sonorama C-65/ L-65/ CD & LP SOLD OUT
Unreleased soundtrack album of an aborted film project, produced 1958 by Sandro Bocola and Dennis Bailey in Paris. Excellent hard bop and modern jazz session feat. Donald Byrd (tr), Barney Wilen (ts), Jimmy Gourley (g), Walter Davis (p), Doug Watkins (b) and Al Levitt (dr). Transferred and mastered  from unique transcription discs (acetates), recently discovered in the estate of Barney Wilen. Lost “nouvelle vague” soundtrack with a combination of true jazz legends, finally released after more than 50 years, including original session photos by the producers ...more...
CD & LP: Sonorama C-64/ L-64
New set of lost tracks by one of the outstanding European jazz singers, recorded between 1969 and 1986. Compilation with eleven deeply emotional songs: Greetje performs sensitive ballads, with bands and orchestras arranged and conducted by such masters as Rob Pronk, Jerry Van Rooyen or Rogier Van Otterloo - including five previously unreleased recordings with the Metropole Orchestra. "What has always touched me is her emotional devotion to the song or the story it tells. She sings as she is: a warm and tender person" (Toots Thielemans) ...more...
CD & LP: Sonorama C-63/ L-63/ LP SOLD OUT
The "Hans Kennel Quintet" and "Bruno Spoerri Allstars": Nine progressive, unreleased slices of hard bop and modern jazz by the Swiss artists Hans Kennel (trumpet) and Bruno Spoerri (saxes), with Remo Rau, Joel Vandroogenbroeck, Hans Foletti, Alex Bally and others, produced between 1963 and 1967 by Radio Zurich. Transferred from tapes found in the archives of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (Radio DRS), including own material plus compostions by Charles Mingus and Ornette Coleman. Careful sound restauration, comes with new liner notes and photos. ...more...
CD & LP: Sonorama C-62/ L-62/ LP SOLD OUT
First reissue of a sought after soul beat and jazz funk album, originally released on the German MPS label in 1968. Vocalists Dee Dee Mc Neil and Barry Window in front of a superb band feat. Joel Vandroogenbroeck on organ/ flute and Barney Wilen on saxes, including raw drum breaks and heavy versions of “Get out of my life woman”, “Summertime”, “Soultime” and “Willow weep for me”, all arranged by Vandroogenbroeck. Transferred from the master tape, remastered at 32 bit / 96 khz, 1:1 gatefold cover, original liner notes by producer Joachim Ernst Berendt. ...more...
CD & LP: Sonorama C-61/ L-61/ LP SOLD OUT
Beautiful Piano-album from Germany in the spirit of Bud Powell, produced 1986 on a private label in a limited edition of 500 copies only and already a sought after rarity today. Combination of own Modern Jazz tunes  with classics like Sonny Clark`s „Blues Blue“ or Harold Land`s „Lydia`s Lament“ in the form of sensitive trio arrangements, going far beyond the pure bop conception of the 1950s and 60s. Vanished LP that was partly used by Aki Kaurismäki for inclusion into his films. 1:1-reissue with original cover artwork and liner notes, remastered in 2011 ...more...
G. GRUNTZ/ B. WILEN/ K. CLARKE - OST from Mental Cruelty
LP: Sonorama L-60/ LP SOLD OUT
First soundtrack work by George Gruntz for the Swiss film “Mental Cruelty”, originally released as a shortened 10” vinyl album on the German Decca label in 1960 and immediately withdrawn. Full version of an outstanding modern jazz rarity, up there with other famous nouvelle vague soundtracks from the same period, like Miles Davis`“L`Ascenseur Pour L`Echafaud” or Art Blakey`s “Des Femmes Disparaissent”. Seventeen tunes played by an excellent sextet featuring Barney Wilen on saxes, George Gruntz on piano, Kenny “Klook” Clarke on drums, ...more...
SWISS ALL STARS – Swiss All Stars
CD Sonorama C-59
"Swiss All-Stars" – excellent Modern Jazz session of the Swiss jazz elite from September 1964 in Bern, arranged and led by George Gruntz, with a top class 11-piece ensemble featuring Bruno Spoerri, Hans Kennel, Raymond  Droz, Pierre Cavalli and the young Franco Ambrosetti in one of his first recorded appearances. Sought after concert recording from a rare 2LP-Set released on the Swiss Exlibris label, back then available by subscription only and pressed in an amount of 300 copies, carefully remastered in 2011 and available on CD for the first time ...more...
CD & LP: Sonorama C-58/ L-58/ CD & LP SOLD OUT
American jazz with a beautiful Swedish accent: Legendary and highly sought after album for four saxes and rhythm section recorded in Stockholm 1960, originally released on the Swedish Barben and the British Tempo label only. High class ensemble led by composer, arranger and pianist Nils Lindberg, featuring Lars Gullin and Sture Nordin. Own modern  jazz pieces in a personal  “signature sound”, unmistakably rooted in the characters of Swedish folk music, and clearly heard in excellent tracks like “Curbits”, “Brand New” or “Zodiac”. Recorded from the master tapes, ...more...
JULA DE PALMA – Jula In Jazz
CD & LP: Sonorama C-57/ L-57/ LP SOLD OUT
First selection of early works by one of the most excellent Italian female voices. Stunning interpretations of timeless jazz classics like “I`ve Got You Under My Skin”, “Blues In The Night”, “Night And Day” or “One For My Baby”, all songs from her sought after vinyl EPs “Jula In Jazz” and “Jula In Jazz 2” (recorded 1958 and 1959) plus further rare tracks from the first half of the 1960s, accompanied by legendary ensembles like Quartetto Lelio Luttazzi, Trio Franco Cerri or the orchestra of Giampiero Boneschi. Fourteen remastered tracks, considered a vocal myth today ...more...
CD & LP: Sonorama C-56/ L-56/ LP SOLD OUT
New compilation including 14 previously unknown library tracks by composer, trombonist and arranger Peter Herbolzheimer, produced between 1970 and 1975 in Cologne and Munich with legendary musicians of his explosive band “Rhythm Combination & Brass” (RC & B): Straight, mostly Latin-oriented big band soul and funk at the highest level and with phenomenal feeling, played by Peter Herbolzheimer, Art Farmer, Dieter Reith, Herb Geller, Dusko Goykovich, Ack van Rooyen, Palle Mikkelborg, Siegfried Schwab, Tony Inzalaco, Philip Catherine ...more...