LP/ Digital
Fitz Gore
"Soundmusication" (Sono-115)
Spiritual Jazz LP 1980
July 08, 2022
LP/ Digital
Dieter Bihlmaier Selection
"Maskerade" (Sono-116)
Fusion/ Spiritual Jazz LP 1974
December 09, 2022
LP/ Digital
"Meets The World" (Sono-117)
Unearthed 1970s Ethno Jazz
Who knows when?
Vinyl 12inch/ 4 Tracks: Sonorama T-12
S 01
Exotic Drums
Malente`s For Da Funk Remix
Easter Afternoon
Eva Be's Groschenmix
S 02
Soul Lady
The Pinker Tones Remix
Exotic Drums
Smooth Pilots Remix
File under: Headz, Breaks, NuJazz, Electro
Side 1:

Exotic Drums/ Malente`s For Da Funk Remix

Original version rec. 1975 by Berry Lipman, comp. by Friedel Berlipp
Remixing and add. production 2006 by Christoph Goettsch
Malente appears courtesy of Unique Records/ Duesseldorf

Malente aka Christoph Goettsch, whose recent productions "Dancefloor Whore" and "Like A Freek" went Top 10 in the DCC, delivers a really hard hitter with his electro version of Berry Lipman`s "Exotic Drums" - all in a Krafty Kuts/ Skeewiff-style, that has everything to rock alternative dancefloors around the world. It is "Malente`s For Da Funk Remix" - five minutes of the true rocking Malente spirit, that has made him one of the most requested electro breaks DJs and producers to come out of Germany.

Easter Afternoon/ Eva Be's Groschenmix

Original version rec. 1974 by Ady Zehnpfennig, comp. by Ady Zehnpfennig
Remixing and add. production 2006 by Eva Be & B.Meinhold
additional guitar:  Boris Meinhold, additional vocals and dub effects:  Eva Be
Eva Be appears courtesy of Sonar Kollektiv/ Berlin

"I gave my B3 for a Wersi": Eva Be, who released two outstanding 12"s on Berlin`s Sonar Kollektiv, comes up with a laid back and bassy electro dub monster, adding voices, phone signals and distorted guitar sounds by Boris Meinhold (from the band Micatone) to the original "Dr. Boehm"-solo organ of Ady Zehnpfennigs delightful "Easter Afternoon". Deep dub reggae meets supercharger organ meets phone delays meets fuzz guitar ... the killer.

Side 2:

Soul Lady/ The Pinker Tones Remix

Original version rec. 1976 by Klaus Esser, composed by Don Sebesky
Remixing and additional production 2006 by The Pinker Tones
Mr. Furia - bass, vocals, mixdown, Prof. Manso: sampler, Elka XP55 Organ, mixdown
The Pinker Tones appear courtesy of  Pinkerland Records & Outstanding Records/ Barcelona

Sure the Puppet Jazz Files can become even more mindbending with The Pinker Tones` take on "Soul Lady" (composed by Don Sebesky), originally played by The Klaus Esser Big Band. The boys from Barcelona mash up the crisp 70s brass sounds with their cool rhythm, samples, organ and vocals to turn this legendary tea time classic in a club friendly smasher. Burning down the house with Puppet Jazz beats that have it all.

Exotic Drums/ Smooth Pilots Remix
Original version rec. 1975 by Berry Lipman, composed by Friedel Berlipp
Remixing and additional production by Smooth Pilots ( Andreas Wendland & Steffen Friedrich), Hihat-Peter Jakubik, Doublebass-Franz Schwarzenau, Key-Peter Hirsch, Trombone-Rob Gutowski, Trumpet-Steffen Zimmer, Git-Andreas Wendland
Smooth Pilots appear courtesy of Resoul Records/ Leipzig

The Smooth Pilots from Leipzig finally show, what the instruments of a real band can add to the difficult remixing job: They create their completely own version of "Exotic Drums" only taking the basic harmonies of the original track into account...moving onwards from a rearranged bongo rhythm into jazz breaks, tight brass arrangements and chill out moods of the real cool.