LP/ Digital
Fitz Gore
"Soundmusication" (Sono-115)
Spiritual Jazz LP 1980
July 08, 2022
LP/ Digital
Dieter Bihlmaier Selection
"Maskerade" (Sono-116)
Fusion/ Spiritual Jazz LP 1974
December 09, 2022
LP/ Digital
"Meets The World" (Sono-117)
Unearthed 1970s Ethno Jazz
Who knows when?

CD & LP: Sonorama C-13 & L-13/ CD SOLD OUT
The mysterious "Honey Drippers & The Pegalo Singers" resurface after all these years with this brilliantly produced album built on beautiful chorus and scat vocal sequences over tight latin rhythms and jazzy piano accentuations. Latin and bossa jazz band with vocal ensemble re-released for the first time, recorded 1970 in Brussels and mastered from magnetic library tapes rediscovered in the vaults of Wewerka Music Library Munich. Funky moods of pure relaxation, arranged by a certain "Derrick Mallot", who ...more...
VARIOUS ARTISTS - Puppet Jazz Remixes
Vinyl 12inch/ 4 Tracks: Sonorama T-12
Vinyl only feat. Remixes by Malente (Unique), Eva Be (Sonar Kollektiv), The Pinker Tones (Pinkerland), Smooth Pilots (Resoul). "Puppet Jazz" is a compilation full of rare or previously unreleased jazz, funk & soul instrumentals from west german archives, that saw the light of day in 2005 on Sonorama Records. Now some of the tracks were remixed or even replayed by top producers to bring them ...more...
REGINALDO BESSA - Amor En Bossa Nova
CD & LP: Sonorama C-11 & L-11
First ever worldwide re-release of the rare debut album by Brazilian singer and composer Reginaldo Bessa, recorded 1963 in Buenos Aires with Miki Lerman and ensemble. Enchanting and beautifully arranged vocal bossa LP originally released by CBS Argentina in tiny amounts only, comes in remastered version and stands out as the first bossa nova album recorded and produced in a foreign country ...more...
CD & LP: Sonorama C-10 & L-10/ CD & LP SOLD OUT
The recordings of "Memphis Black" are soulful and pure. They show off the pulsating Hammond Sounds of Ingfried Hoffmann, that have made him the most exciting German organist of the 60s and 70s. This rare album "Soul Club" contains Hoffmann`s hammond originals and tunes that famous American artists released before - all in a warm soul style that pervades every tune on this classic recording session from 1969 ...more...
CD & LP: Sonorama C-09 & L-09/ LP SOLD OUT
This rare album by Orchestra Pete Jacques stands out as a rare find in the fields of European bossa orchestrations, backed by a funky rhythm section and the right spice of enchanting scat vocals here and there. This album is full of exceptional compositions built around tight and surprising beats and arrangements, finally evoking impressions of an acoustic trip around Copacabana with fine produced bossa soundtracks ...more...
GREETJE KAUFFELD - And Let The Music Replay (The Remixes)
LP: Sonorama L-07/ SOLD OUT
After the re-release of Greetje Kauffeld`s original 1974 LP "And Let The Music Play" on Sonorama Records in 2004, a corresponding LP is released here with assorted remix versions from international producers. The new Remix-LP entitled "And Let The Music Replay" (also available on 2CD together with Original LP) combines two tracks each of Rob Smith ...more...
GREETJE KAUFFELD - And Let The Music Play (Original LP & Remix LP)
2CD-Set: Sonorama C-07
After the re-release of Greetje Kauffeld`s original 1974 LP "And Let The Music Play" on Sonorama Records in 2004, a corresponding CD-version is released here together with assorted remix versions from international producers in the exclusive format of a 2CD-Set (Digipack). The new Remix-LP entitled "And Let The Music Replay" (also available on Vinyl) combines two tracks each of Rob Smith ...more...
RAY CHRISTOPH`S NEW SOUND - Wordless Blues EP (4 Tracks)
Vinyl 7": Sonorama S-07/ SOLD OUT
How to describe an EP with some damn rockin` scat vocals and bossa beats, played by a short lived library group at the very end of the 60s and remaining a mistery within DJ- and collector`s circles until today? The Story of "Ray Christoph`s New Sound" is full of rumours about a spontaneous formation of musicians from the UK, that recorded only two tracks for the legendary German producer ...more...
THE G/9 Group - Brazil Now!
CD & LP: Sonorama C-06 & L-06/ LP SOLD OUT
One of the rarest albums in Brazilian music- re-released for the first time. Outstanding blend of bossa nova, vocal jazz & pop - recorded 1968 in Rio De Janeiro. The G/9 Group - A legendary super-group of "9" musicians and singers feat. Dom Salvador and Wilson Das Neves, arranged by Pachequinho and recorded by "G", that stands for producer Henrique Gandelman. Comes in remastered. ...more...
VARIOUS ARTISTS - Puppet Jazz rare & unreleased jazz, funk & soul instrumentals from West Germany in the 60s & 70s
CD & LP: Sonorama C-05 & L-05/ CD & LP SOLD OUT
Sonorama Records comes up with the first volume in a series of funky library compilations from Germany for the pleasure of all old school DJs, beatheadz, sample addicts and jazz afficionados out there. "Puppet Jazz" is a record full of rare dope beats, most of them never released before - a first time musical collection of hidden tracks from the West German jazz and library jazz scene of the late 60s and early 70s. Most of the tracks....more...
ORCHESTRA PETE JACQUES - Hard Work EP (4 tracks, rec. 1970 & 1974)
Vinyl 7": Sonorama S-04
Pete Jacques travelled Scandinavia and Germany as a hugely successful composer, arranger and pianist - a genius behind the library funk and easy jazz scenes of the 60s and 70s. This particular 4-track selection compiles his most heavy orchestral workouts with a  deep notch towards funk & soul, recorded in ...more...
CD & LP: Sonorama C-02 & L-02/ LP SOLD OUT
Completely vanished promo-10inch Lp plus Ep by Swiss jazz trio of saba/ mps fame. Remastered studio tracks from the atlantis club in basel 1962 with unique artwork including unreleased photos and interview. After their only legendary Lp-release "The Sweetest Sound" on Brunner-Schwers German Saba label in 1965, the highly talented musicians from Zurich seemed to fade into eternity. Nothing else was reported until ...more...
GREETJE KAUFFELD - And Let The Music Play
LP: Sonorama L-01/ SOLD OUT
Sensitive vocal study with the finest in big band and bossa grooves, feat. "day by day", "tristeza" and "mr. bojangles". Outstanding jazz performance of legendary Dutch singer rec. 1974 full of tracks funky and scat style, international allstar ensemble feat. Herb Geller and Sabu Martinez plus strings and choir arranged and conducted by Jerry Van Rooyen and Rob Pronk, limited re-release from the master tapes. ...more...
Elsie Bianchi Trio-Happy Little Sunbeam
(rec. 1968 - previously unreleased) + Ben Human remix
Vinyl 7": Sonorama S-01
After their only Lp-release "The Sweetest Sound" on Brunner-Schwers German Saba imprint in 1966 - now an achieved and re-released classic in european piano and bossa jazz vocal - the highly talented Elsie Bianchi Trio seemed to fade into eternity... nothing more was reported until today -  but guess they were not! ...more...
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