LP/ Digital
Fitz Gore
"Soundmusication" (Sono-115)
Spiritual Jazz LP 1980
July 08, 2022
LP/ Digital
Dieter Bihlmaier Selection
"Maskerade" (Sono-116)
Fusion/ Spiritual Jazz LP 1974
December 09, 2022
LP/ Digital
"Meets The World" (Sono-117)
Unearthed 1970s Ethno Jazz
Who knows when?

MILAN PILAR & FRIENDS – Bali Jazz Impressions
45 Vinyl 12” (4 Tracks): Sonorama T-55
Excellent “East Meets West”-Library Jazz by session group around Czech composer and bass player Milan Pilar, produced 1978 in Munich and conducted by Freddie Brocksieper, feat. Charly Tabor, Pepe Solera, Heribert Thusek, Nippy Noya, Rudi Fuesers and Hans van der Sys. Meeting of deep modal jazz with percussive sounds from Gamelan music culture, held together by Pilar`s impressive bass playing. Four previously unknown tracks from the master tapes, comes with “Sekaten 1926” artwork by German painter and Bali emigrant Walter Spies on frontcover ...more...
ELSIE BIANCHI – Fly Me To The Moon Swiss Radio Jazz 1960-62
CD & LP: Sonorama C-54/ L-54 LP SOLD OUT
Newly found treasures from the Swiss DRS Radio Archives: 12 previously unreleased tracks by the venerated piano player and singer Elsie Bianchi, produced with different musical formations between 1960-1962 for Radio Zurich and Radio Basel. „Unreleased LP“ following her great „Sweetest Sound“ and „Atlantis Blues“ albums, with fine arrangements for trio (with Siro Bianchi, Fritz Stähli or Kenny Schmidt) and even jazz orchestra on some recordings, including such greats as “I Remember Clifford”, „But Not For Me“, „Fly Me To The Moon“, „Secret Love“ ...more...
VARIOUS ARTISTS – Colours Of Funk (Vol. 2)
CD & LP: Sonorama C-53/ L-53 LP SOLD OUT
Killer funk compilation – next chapter: More highlights from the German music archives of Golden Ring & Happy Records, pulled from the most famous library albums of the catalogue. 17 unreleased signature sounds in a wicked jazz-funk-cosmic-latin-boogie style by Peter Thomas, Klaus Weiss, Juan Demonio, Mladen Franco and others. Stand out tunes for the dancefloor, from heavy big band jazz over latin funk to proto techno, with heavy drum breaks, fat bass lines and plenty of DJ cuts. Second selection from the best Golden Ring „Sound Music albums“ ...more...
45 Vinyl 12 Sonorama T-52/ 12” SOLD OUT
Reissue of a highly sought after vinyl EP by the Swiss Metronome Quintet with recordings from 1970, including three special compositions as part of a concert programme from Japan, produced in a Zurich studio directly after the return of the band from the "World EXPO” in Osaka. Timeless Modern and Modal Jazz arrangements by Bruno Spoerri with Far Eastern sounds and excellent tunes inspired by songs from traditional Japanese music culture. “EXPO-Blues”, “Hadaka No Shima” and “Japan Suite”, remastered and with adaption of original first press cover art ...more...
THE METRONOME QUINTET – Plays Swinging Mahagonny ...
CD & LP: Sonorama C-51/ L-51/ LP SOLD OUT
Legendary first Modern Jazz Album by the Swiss Metronome Quintet, recorded 1965 and 1967 in Zurich, with saxophonist Bruno Spoerri, pianist Martin Hugelshofer and vibraphonist Ueli Staub. Lost LP including Spoerri's unique jazz arrangements based on motifs of the music for "The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny" by Kurt Weill, together with some own tunes played in an exceptional style by one of the few European high-class ensembles of the era. First-time resurrection of a missing jazz record on the Swiss Columbia label, ...more...
CD Sonorama C-50
Ten previously unreleased tracks by the godfathers of the Dutch Jazz scene, recorded between 1960 and 1963 and compiled for Sonorama by the Jazzdiggers (Erik van Beek & Jasper Derksen). Exclusive CD release featuring unknown tunes by the legendary quintet, carefully mastered from promotional vinyl EPs, radio programmes, unreleased Schellack records and flexi discs. Restaurated chapter of lost jazz history from Holland, comes with unreleased photos and new liner notes by Joop De Roo, Hilde Slinger and others. ...more...
FREDDY COLE – The Cole Nobody Knows
CD & LP: Sonorama C-49/ L-49
Holy Grail soul jazz album by Freddy Cole, singer, pianist, and Nat “King” Cole`s youngest brother, recorded 1976 in Atlanta. Privately pressed LP including his famous version of “Brother Where Are You”. Outstanding quartet takes throughout with stunning jazz ballad performances of “Live For Life” and “Miss Otis Regrets”, jazz dancer “Moving On – Place In The Sun” and rough blues tune “A Man Shouldn`t Be Lonely”. First 1:1 reissue of a rare 10 track-vinyl LP on “First Shot Records” from Georgia, remastered with original first press cover art ...more...
VARIOUS ARTISTS – Now`s The Time (Deep German Jazz Grooves)
CD & LP: Sonorama C-48/ L-48 LP SOLD OUT
New compilation with rare and exciting modern jazz music of legendary German musicians such as Albert and Emil Mangelsdorff, Rolf Kuehn, Inge Brandenburg, Michael Naura, Joki Freund, Horst Jankowski and many others. Ten previously unknown tracks from rare vinyl records or archives, that reflect "the state of the art” of jazz in Germany between 1956 and 1965. Rediscovery of lost recordings from the early days of the German jazz scene, compiled by Ekkehart Fleischhammer and Stephan Steigleder, remastered and with extensive liner notes ...more...
EMPHASIS – Emphasis
CD & LP: Sonorama C-47/ L-47
Fabulous groove reconciliating funk, rock, rhythm and jazz improvisation, with a touch of Latin feeling and a perfect integration of electronic instruments. First reissue of a great classy jazz funk fusion-LP, the only album by project around Pierre Cavalli and Renato Anselmi, recorded 1975 in Switzerland and released in small editions on the Swiss Pick label and on Jaycee/ UK only. Includes unique material plus covers of Milton Nascimento`s “Vera Cruz”, Gene McDaniel`s “Feel Like Making Love” and Stevie Wonder`s “Too High”...more...
WOLFGANG SAUER – Sweet und Swing
CD & LP: Sonorama C-46/ L-46
Long-lost German vocal jazz album from 1959 recorded with early  stereophonic sound technology. Vanished LP that ranges among the earliest examples of vocal work from Europe: Legendary blind singer and piano player Wolfgang Sauer performs famous tunes from the Great American Songbook  like “Stardust”, “My Melancholy Baby” or “How Deep Is The Ocean”, surrounded by the lush swinging orchestra sounds of Paul Kuhn & Friedel Berlipp – from “jazz ballads with strings” to danceable tunes in the style of “Joe Williams meets Count Basie” ...more...
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