LP/ Digital
Fitz Gore
"Soundmusication" (Sono-115)
Spiritual Jazz LP 1980
July 08, 2022
LP/ Digital
Dieter Bihlmaier Selection
"Maskerade" (Sono-116)
Fusion/ Spiritual Jazz LP 1974
December 09, 2022
LP/ Digital
"Meets The World" (Sono-117)
Unearthed 1970s Ethno Jazz
Who knows when?

VARIOUS ARTISTS– Hard Hitting (Wewerka Soul Jazz Library)
CD & LP: Sonorama C-34 & L-34/ LP SOLD OUT
Dope funk & soul grooves recorded in Germany: 16 previously unreleased tracks from the 60s and 70s - bass driven, full of drum breaks and with the wildest organ-guitar-piano-horn-reed-vibe-flute action, recently discovered in the huge archives of producer Hans Wewerka. Joe Haider feat. Dusko Goykovich & Jan Hammer, Olaf Kuebler feat. Don Menza & Lothar Meid plus many other bands from the Munich scene with hard hitting soul beats à la KPM! ...more...
JONNY TEUPEN – Love And Harp A La Latin
CD & LP: Sonorama C-33 & L-33/ LP SOLD OUT
Brilliant Harp Jazz album from 1965 including vocals by Rob Pronk & Blanche Birdsong. Dreamy Latin Jazz and Bossa beats with beautiful singing & scat vocals, soft like a summer breeze, with sidemen Stuff Combe, John Fischer and others, produced by Friedel Berlipp aka Berry Lipman. Vanished original LP on the German Vogue label, never re-released before, remastered 2008, original cover artwork, unreleased session photos and new liner notes ...more...
CD & 2LP + 12: Sonorama C-32 & L32/ CD & LP SOLD OUT
File under freestyle electro funk breaks: 18-track mixed CD feat. exclusive “vinyl only” re-rubs from the Sonorama Catalogue 2004-2008 incl. unreleased tracks and edits. 60s & 70s jazz and funk roots by Memphis Black, Mombasa, Joe Haider, Elsie Bianchi Trio and many more refixed by Dr Rubberfunk, Matt Flores, Ben Human, Rob Smith, Malente, Eva Be, Curv and others. Also available as 2LP + 12” Box-Set with separate tracks, limited edition ...more...
ATLAS – Atlas
CD & LP: Sonorama C-31 & L-31/ LP SOLD OUT
Splendid Jazz Funk LP by widely unknown Austrian band to prove, that soulful music has no geographical restrictions and knows no bounds. Essential and in demand album with a very soulful singer from the Vienna scene 1977, incl. famous version of Bill Withers`”Ain`t No Sunshine”, floorfiller “Necessity” and blue-eyed soul treasure “Play It Cool”. First re-release from the master tape, remastered 2008, original artwork ...more...
MOMBASA – African Rhythms & Blues 2
CD & LP: Sonorama C-30 & L-30/ CD & LP SOLD OUT
Stunning Afro Beat production – the next chapter. Original second album release by the cross-cultural Mombasa band. Deep Afro Jazz Funk by Lou Blackburn and his group, recorded 1976 in Germany. Top rare LP on the scarce German Spiegelei label, containing DJ-spins “African Hustle”, “Yenyeri” and “Shango II”, comes from the master tapes, with original cover artwork, re-released for the first time ...more...
GREETJE KAUFFELD – Tender Meditation
CD & LP: Sonorama C-29 & L-29/ LP SOLD OUT
Exclusive 12-track compilation with the Dutch singer`s amazing jazz group files. Magnificent cross-section from her scarce Dutch Only LPs 1973-1980 pending between rolling jazz, bossa beats and sensitive ballads. Greetje`s rarest vocal tracks with some of the finest sidemen from the European scene, incl. Sonny Bono`s “The Beat Goes On”, Edu Lobo`s “Meditation” plus “Tenderly” and “When You Wish Upon A Star” ...more...
VARIOUS ARTISTS – Hang`Em High/ Work Song (Re-Edits)
45 Vinyl: Sonorama S-28/ SOLD OUT
Pure Nu-Funk bliss: Block rocking b-boy edit of Memphis Blacks`1969 hammond funk anthem (Dominic Frontiere), produced by Chadeo of Hunger Music/ Houston, backed by chunky Brazilian rhythms of Nat Adderlys`“Work Song”, refixed by Manzen and originally recorded 1970 by Honey Drippers & The Pegalo Singers, produced by Hans Wewerka, both re-edits available on this limited 7inch 45 only. Chadeo has been DJ’ing and producing Hip Hop music ...more...
LIFE FORCE – Fearless Warriors
CD & LP: Sonorama C-27 & L-27/ LP SOLD OUT
Spiritual jazz funk & fusion as an homage to the Civil Rights Movement out of Atlanta in the late 70s, top rare US-album and high in demand - led by Joe Jennings and Howard Nicholson, both active in the Atlanta jazz scene today. Incl. standout tunes “Fearless Warriors” and nice  bossa dance “To Pharaoh With Love” dedicated to Pharaoh Sanders. 1 st release of privately pressed US-album from 1981 on the rare Numu Numu label. Remastered 2007 ...more...
DON PAULIN – Me And My Papagayo
CD & LP: Sonorama C-25 & L-25/ LP SOLD OUT
First re-release of the rare 1969 latin jazz &  psych album by Philadelphian singer & guitar player with tinges of bossa, folk, blues and very special mouth sounds, feat. Siegfried Schwab on second guitar and latin band, voices, strings and brass arranged by Ingfried Hoffmann, produced by Siggi Loch. Includes “Constant Rain”, “Blue Bossa”, “Mellow Yellow” and “Sugar Cane”, original cover artwork, comes on Vinyl LP and CD in digipack with two bonus tracks ...more...
VARIOUS ARTISTS – The Sonorama EP Collection
CD only: Sonorama C-24
18 tracks incl. all the Sonorama vinyl EPs plus unreleased bonus tracks. Rare jazz, funk & bossa grooves, recorded 1968-1974, incl. Mark Murphy  (“Happy Samba”), Ray Christoph (“Wordless Blues”), Kadri Six (JBs „Cold Sweat“), Orchestra Pete Jacques und Jazz Orchestra Rob Pronk. 6-page Digipack, remastered, previously available on 7inch vinyl only or previously unavailable. It is the spirit of the jazz, funk and bossa, that keeps us digging for more. And it is all about rare and soulful music, ...more...
MARLENA SHAW – Feel Like Makin`Love
DIONNE WARWICK – Love To Love You Baby
Split 45 Vinyl: Sonorama S-23/ 45" SOLD OUT
Finest jazz funk slices of MacDaniels & Moroder classics recorded 1979 in Berlin with SFB Big Band conducted by German jazz master Paul Kuhn, produced by Dieter Finnern and previously unreleased. “Stars im Studio” was a german tv serial for the broadcasting channel SFB, that brought international singing stars to Berlin in the late 70s. Marlena Shaw and Dionne Warwick both got invited to perform together with the Big Band, ...more...
DON ADAMS – Watts Happening
CD & LP: Sonorama C-22 & L-22/ CD SOLD OUT
First re-release of the rare 1969 mod & soul jazz album feat. Scottish singer Don Adams & band in various formations, incl. Dusko Goykovich, Lothar Meid, Jimmy Jackson, Olaf Kuebler, Charly Tabor, Wolfgang Pap and others, produced by legendary Hans Wewerka, plus two unreleased bonus tracks from the Wewerka archives in Munich, remastered 2007, original cover artwork. This Lp is a beautiful production and a terrific soul record aswell! It proofs ...more...
MOMBASA-African-Rhythms-Blues Remixes
MOMBASA – African Rhythms & Blues Remixes Lp (Vinyl only)
LP: Sonorama L-21
1975 debut album by Lou Blackburn & band re-rubbed in 2007. Six remixes and re-edits from this classic and sought after afro funk LP, produced by Dr Rubberfunk, Matt Flores & Glittershine, Curv, Palmreaders and Bird 32 years after its first release on the legendary Spiegelei label. Sure killer set with afro funk breaks for the new millenium! Original Mombasa band 1975: Lou Blackburn – Trombone/ African Shawn, ...more...
CD & 2-Vinyl LP: Sonorama C-20 & L-20/ CD SOLD OUT
High quality jazz-funk-latin-disco album recorded 1977 at Vanguard Studios in NYC. Legendary & completely vanished US-release by multiple grammy nominee Carlos Franzetti plus unreleased bonus tracks from the same year, feat. Steve Gadd, Anthony Jackson, Ray Mantilla and others - highly sought after by DJs and collectors, originally released on the scarce Guinness label. Comes with original cover artwork, 1st re-release and remastered in 2007...more...
THE KADRI SIX FEAT. LAMIA – Cold Sweat EP (4 Tracks)
Vinyl 7”: Sonorama S-19
Unique and deep versions of James Brown`s “Cold Sweat” and “I Got A Feeling” plus Davenport`s “Fever” and Shannon`s “Baby I Love You” make this EP a true floorfiller. Rare Sister Funk recorded 1969 in Germany by a german band and a female turkish singer? Are you kidding?? ... No, because former band “Kadri Six” – five men plus singer “Lamia” – have devoted themselves to the real spirit of Funk and Soul Music! Their trademark sound is “real”, “alive” and “black”, with raw vocals, moving organ, ...more...
VERA BRASIL – Tema Do Boneco De Palha
CD & LP: Sonorama C-18 & L-18
This highly desirable Brazilian Lp from 1964 presents authentic, well-written and performed bossa nova. It contains a 100% lovely set of recordings by Véra Brasil, female singer, guitarist and above all one of the finest of bossa nova composers. The record is full of classic early bossa nova pieces with female vocals: warm, ardent, romantic, full of yearning and quiet intensity. A completeley vanished original album on the famous Brazilian Farroupilha ...more...
MOMBASA – African Rhythms & Blues
CD & LP: Sonorama C-17 & L-17
Essential and ultra hard to find album with tons of true killer afro funk breaks: First re-release of original debut LP by legendary jazz band “Mombasa” recorded 1975: One of the best recordings in the genre - deep spiritual jazz with pulsating african rhythms, funk bass and heavy brass sounds, contains the most wanted DJ-spins “Nairobi” ...more...
VARIOUS ARTISTS – Metro`s Midnight Music
Rare Jazz Tracks From The Dutch NOS Radio Show 1970-75
2-CD & 2-Vinyl LP: Sonorama C-16 & L-16
 “After the Metro sessions, I remeber that I flew back home six feet high above the plane.” (“The Merf”/ Mark Murphy, June 2006). Comes as a geat and surprising find in European jazz history: 2LP/ 2CD-Set presenting rare or previously non-available tracks played by the Metropole Orchestra & The Louis Van Dyke Trio plus famous guests: Vocals by Mark Murphy, Greetje Kauffeld, Helen Merrill, Eddie Jefferson, plus Soloists: Herb Geller, Dave Pike ...more...
Vinyl 7”: Sonorama S-15/ SOLD OUT
DJ-friendly and top rare jazz vocals with piano trio in a swinging samba vibe, recorded for NOS Radio in Hilversum 1974 and available on vinyl for the first time! US-singer Mark Murphy is one of the world's greatest jazz vocalists of the 20th century. A six-time Grammy nominee, he has enjoyed a prolific 40-year recording career, with over 40 releases to date. This EP presents four exclusive tracks NOT included on the forthcoming Sonorama compilation “Metro`s Midnight Music”, ...more...
INGE BRANDENBURG - It`s Alright With Me
CD & LP: Sonorama C-14 & L-14/ CD SOLD OUT & LP
This LP is a fantastic experience and the only original longplay format, that presented the unique vocal stylings of Inge Brandenburg in a pure jazz setting - her legendary and sought after session with the deep jazz grooves of the Gunter Hampel Quartet at Studio Grunewald/ Berlin, released as "It`s Alright With Me" in 1965. The original CBS-LP is long deleted and usually changes hands for hundreds of Euros in the circles of the "die hard"-jazz collectors.  A musical masterpiece and the real legacy from one of the ...more...
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