LP/ Digital
Fitz Gore
"Soundmusication" (Sono-115)
Spiritual Jazz LP 1980
July 08, 2022
LP/ Digital
Dieter Bihlmaier Selection
"Maskerade" (Sono-116)
Fusion/ Spiritual Jazz LP 1974
December 09, 2022
LP/ Digital
"Meets The World" (Sono-117)
Unearthed 1970s Ethno Jazz
Who knows when?

GREETJE KAUFFELD – Young Girl Sunday Jazz
CD & LP: Sonorama C-89/ L-89
New compilation showcasing some great early works by the outstanding Dutch jazz singer, featuring 16 lost songs from the 1960s - short, soulful and to the point. Contains incredibly tight versions of „Fever“, „Love For Sale“, „Handful Of Soul“ or „Almost Like Being In Love“, with the deep tenderness of Greetje Kauffeld and renowned jazz masters such as Rolf Kühn, Tony Vos, Ingfried Hoffmann, Cees Slinger, Wolfgang Schlüter and Jan Huydts. Carefully remastered in 2015 for Vinyl-LP and 6-Panel-Digipack-CD, including many previously unknown finds from the artists` private collection  ...more...
LP: Sonorama L-88
Sought after jazz and funk from the sound library of Edizioni Musicali Devega/ Milano: “Vinyl only” reissue of all important tracks from Angel Pocho Gatti`s promotional album “Turbomusic” produced in 1981, plus other lost funk treasures from his 70s Devega repertoire. Eleven nuggets of Italian library music between big band funk and Bossa rhythm, with whirling horns, wild flutes and buzzy synth lines - inspired and occasionally framed by sounds of Formula 1. First collection of lost recordings by the outstanding Argentinian composer, arranger and pianist, carefully remastered in 2015  ...more...
Four Brothers
CD & 2LP: Sonorama C-87/ L-87
Previously unreleased studio concert from Hamburg in 1960, featuring four jazz saxophone legends: Lucky Thompson (ss/ ts), Barney Wilen (ss/ ts), Helmut Brandt (bars) and Bent Jaedig (ts), recorded with the quartet of Dr. Roland Kovac (p) in a unique workshop. Excellent blend of Modern, Bebop, Cool and Progressive: Eighty minutes of full ensemble pieces in a sound made famous by Giuffre`s “Four Brothers”, plus musical essays in small groups. Superb session produced by Hans Gertberg, mastered in 2015, including vintage cover artwork by designer Guenther Kieser  ...more...
SUSANNAH MCCORKLE – Adeus / The Berlin Concert
CD: Sonorama C-86
Exceptional musical legacy of one of America`s greatest yet misunderstood songbirds: jazz singer Susannah McCorkle (1946 - 2001) and quartet live in Berlin 1996, recorded at the pinnacle of her career in front of an enthusiastic audience. “Susannah McCorkle is in the forefront!” (Tony Bennett, 1986). Finest songs from her repertoire, mastered from lost tapes recently discovered in the archives of S. Schmidt-Joos, with K. Rautenberg (p & arr), W. Gauchel (ts), D. King (b) and N. Irving (dr) - 6-Panel-Digipack CD, new sleeve notes and unknown photos - her first live release!  ...more...
THE REMO RAU QUARTET – At The Cafe Africana
LP: Sonorama L-84
Impossible to find hard bop LP! From the collection of Elsie Bianchi comes this exciting Swiss jazz album, originally released 1961 in a micro run of approx. 150 copies on a private label. Composer, arranger and vibraphone player Remo Rau (1925-1987) recorded directly “on the spot” with R. Anselmi (p), R. Pierre (b) and A. Bally (d) at the legendary “Cafe Africana” in Zurich. Exclusive 1:1 vinyl reissue - the first and only recorded trace of Rau`s fascinating modern jazz activities, original material and pieces by Mobley, Porter and Kern, with original cover design and sleeve notes  ...more...
ROLF KÜHN – Stop Time !
CD & LP: Sonorama C-85/ L-85
First release of a previously unknown album from the personal archives of “clarinet bird” Rolf Kühn, recorded 1962 in Hamburg. Outstanding modern jazz and hard bop session featuring Klaus Doldinger (ts), Ingfried Hoffmann (org/ p), Cees See (d) and Herman Schoonderwalt (b), with plenty of tunes made famous by Horace Silver, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis or Thelonious Monk - all arranged by Kühn. CD and LP commemorating the 85th birthday of Rolf Kühn, carefully mastered in 2014, with unknown photos and new sleeve notes written by Kühn`s biographer Maxi Sickert  ...more...
PIERRE_CAVALLI Uma_Vitamina_Faz_Favor
PIERRE CAVALLI – Uma Vitamina Faz Favor
CD & LP: Sonorama C-83/ L-83
Brazilian-tinged jazz and funk from Switzerland/ Italy 1972-75, recorded by European guitar legend Pierre Cavalli with the ensembles of music masters Angel Pocho Gatti and Bruno Spoerri - all original material, previously unreleased. Library- and Soundtrack-like album full of bossa breakbeat tunes, scat funk, jazz fusion and trippy interludes - with acoustic or spacey electric guitars, latin flutes, vibes, fender rhodes plus occasional vocals. 14 lost tracks from the archives of Bruno Spoerri and Nanda Cavalli, remastered in 2014 for 6-page-digipack-CD and limited vinyl LP  ...more...
CD & LP: Sonorama C-82/ L-82
Europe`s Best Jazz Singer in concert 1958-1962: Ten unreleased concert recordings and two live recording sessions of Inge Brandenburg (1929-1999). The singer live in Berlin and Frankfurt with piano trio, combo or orchestra, featuring Rolf Lüttgens Trio, RIAS Orchestra/ Werner Müller, RIAS combo and Dieter von Goetze trio. Deep vocal jazz including "S`Wonderful", "Lover Come Back To Me", "Secret Love" or "Summertime". Limited vinyl LP and 6-page-digipack CD, carefully restored and remastered in 2014, comes with unreleased archive photos and new sleeve notes  ...more...
LP: Sonorama L-81
Vinyl-LP only. First 1:1 Reissue of a highly sought after modern jazz album, recorded 1961 at the Liederhalle in Stuttgart, originally pressed in a small edition and impossible to find today. German jazz masters Rolf Kühn (cl) , Wolfgang Schlüter (vib) and Horst Jankowski (p) join forces with members of the Erwin Lehn orchestra, Conny Jackel (tp), Bernd Rabe (as), Peter Witte (b) and Ferry Tagscherer (dr). Beautiful recording session full of original material and unique arrangements of standards. Careful analogue mastering plus original cover artwork and sleeve notes  ...more...
HANS KOLLER – Minor Meetings 1958
CD & LP: Sonorama C-79/ L-79/ LP SOLD OUT
From collectors` archives: Rare or previously unreleased 1958 recordings of “The Hans Koller New Jazz Stars” at the peak of their art, restored from radio tapes and original EPs. Lost work by one of Europe`s leading tenor saxophonists from the Golden Age of cool and modern jazz, feat. A. Mangelsdorff (tb), H. Reinhardt (bars), P. Trunk (b), H. Hammerschmid (p), R. Sehring (dr) - with Zoot Sims (ts) guesting on two tunes (“Zoot Meets Hans”) plus Hans Koller playing in the Orchestra of Eddie Sauter. Comes on vinyl LP and 6-Page-Digipack CD with two unheard bonus tracks.  ...more...
TOBY FICHELSCHER – Busting The Bongos
CD & LP: Sonorama C-78/ L-78
Percussive hard bop, Afro-Cuban and modern jazz recordings by Berlin bongo player, singer and beatnik Toby Fichelscher, from 1960 with the quintet of vibraphonist Manfred Burzlaff feat. the young drummer Joe Nay. Discovery of unknown tapes by the enigmatic German jazz singer, percussionist and two-time poll winner. Long-lost music from the films "Tobby", "Shadows" and "Max Knaak" (producer: Hansjürgen Pohland) plus "On Chano's Track" in the powerful style of Chano Pozo. Unique document from the existentialist jazz scene in Berlin before the wall was built  ...more...
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